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For many homeowners, as much as the big and grandiose decorations and features matter, it's the little things that really bring it all together. Whether it’s the shaded pattern on the curtains, the type of framing on the doorways, or the handles on kitchen cabinets, the small yet important details are the glue that holds the whole interior aesthetic together. Having variety, selection, and overall preference for these small decorative details allows for many homeowners to dictate the style they want for their home interior, and the aesthetic that comes with it. It's like a wedding, where all the small details that don't seem to matter on their own really come together to create the larger desired environment, although the longevity of a well-designed home might have a longer lifespan than a marriage.
With these small yet important style and decoration choices, a homeowner can revolutionize the way that their home looks, and the way they look at their home. In order to make the impact that these decorative products can have, you need style and quality design at an affordable price. And that's where IMECA comes in. We have a vast online selection of high-quality home and lumber products with a wide variety of decorative products that can improve the interior design and aesthetic of any home, without breaking your budget. Whether you are looking to customize a newly designed part of your home or refurbish a lacklustre part of your home, we have the decorative products you are looking for, Shop our selection below, and find the right decorative product for your needs.


For such a simple object that serves such an ergonomic focused role in our home, you might not think about the decorative nature of your cabinet and drawer handles. But consistent use and simplicity are where small decorative products can thrive and really bring out the best in your home style. The right type of cabinet or drawer handle will first and foremost complement the cabinet design and countertop color that populates your kitchen or bathroom. But no matter how stylish and aesthetically complementary you want it, it still needs to function effectively as a handle, allowing it to be easily grabbable and comfortable in your fingers. Find the right handle for your needs here.


Just like handles, knobs play a small but important part in the aesthetic of your home interior, as well as its function. A knob will often be used for larger cabinet doors in your kitchen, or small drawers that don’t have very much room for a wide handle, and similarly to a handle, they need to look good as well as offer ergonomic style and function. Choosing the right metal material for a small decorative product like a cabinet door or drawer knob is critical, as the different sheen and hues of different metal types will modify how the knob supports (or hinders) your interior aesthetic. You are also looking for a balance in size; not too big so it dominates the visual, but not too small so as to not be very functional. Luckily, IMECA has a wide variety and selection of knobs that can be the solution to your interior design needs. Find the right knob for your needs here.

Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets

For most homeowners, a faucet is a crucial part of their daily routine, whether it's washing their hands, filling up a water bottle, or doing dishes. With such common and consistent usage, a well-designed and stylish faucet can make every single instance of it’s usage an ode to your interior design. There are a variety of faucet types that can complement your style of sink, your bathroom or kitchen countertop, and the surrounding environment in your kitchen or bathroom. Not only do they vary in color and material, but you can choose from a variety of different faucet handles and spigots to really take control of your bathroom or kitchen customization. Find the right bathroom or kitchen faucet to fit your needs from IMECA.

Door Accessories

Whether it’s your front door, your back door, or your side door, chances are you use a door every single day to enter and exit your home. And like many features of a quality decorated interior, the small details and accessories of commonly used items is what can really make the difference. There are a variety of accessories that can support the ergonomic operation of your door like locks, handles, and door stops, and the style and material you choose for those accessories is where you can really let your home’s aesthetic shine. These small yet stylish accessories contribute to the larger aesthetic of the door and what it offers to your home interior. Find the right door accessory for your needs from IMECA.

Furniture Legs

As many interior designers and homeowners would agree, the quality of furniture and it's style are some of the most imposing and important parts of your interior aesthetic. But as we mentioned before, the smaller details and how they complement the larger environment play a crucial role too. Just like a handle material compliments the larger cabinet it's attached to, furniture legs support the design features of the furniture they hold up. Whether it’s dark ornate wood that matches hardwood flooring, or stainless steel that adds to the modern theme of your interior, it's a choice that matters if you care about style, design, and aesthetic. Find the right furniture legs for your needs, with IMECA.
As you can see, the quality of the small decorative products that accessorize your home are the small things that really bring the larger home aesthetic all together. These types of home interior products are the decorative glue that keeps the visuals of your home interior working with compatibility, while also giving you the freedom to select and customize. Whether you are a homeowner looking to spice up your design or a home builder looking to wow your clients, IMECA Lumber and Hardware has the online selection of quality decorative products you need. From handles and knobs, to faucets, furniture legs, and more, IMECA has the decorative home products that you need to achieve your goals. Start shopping today and see how IMECA can serve you.