Rev-A-Shelf Knife Block and Utensil Base Organizer




Every great chef knows that you are only as good as your knives but having so many sizes and brands makes storing them a nightmare. That is no longer a concern with our 448KB Organizer with Blumotion Soft-Close. This unit features two universal knife inserts, stainless steel utensil bin, and adjustable shelf for lower storage. The 448KB Series comes in two different dimensions for your specific cabinet size. 

Physical Specifications
Part # Width
(min to max)
(min to max)
(min to max)
Weight Color : Finish
448KB-BCSC-8C 8" 21-1/2" 25-1/2" 41.49 lbs. Natural : Wood/Wire
448KB-BCSC-11C 11" 21-1/2" 25-1/2" 52 lbs. Natural : Wood/Wire

Minimum Cabinet Opening
Face Frame Frameless
Part # Width Depth Height Width Depth Height
448KB-BCSC-8C 8-1/2" 21-3/4" 25-5/8" 8-1/8" 21-3/4" 25-5/8"
448KB-BCSC-11C 11-1/2" 21-3/4" 25-5/8" 11-1/8" 21-3/4" 25-5/8"

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