Lenmar UltraLaq Water White Precatalyzed Topcoat (1D.33x series) (Available for Store Pickup Only)




Available for store pickup ONLY

27% solids, self-sealing system that offers and ease application a tough, chemically resistant film. 

  • Durable, self-sealing finish.
  • Formulated as a ready-to-spray finish
  • No mixing needed.
  • Meets or exceeds AWI spec TR-2 and KCMA standards.

UltraLaq® 1D.33X Series products are pre-catalyzed nitrocellulose clear lacquers
designed for the professional woodworkers who demand maximum performance in
a high solids, self sealing, ready-to-spray finish.

Key Advantages:
A professionally applied pre-catalyzed clear lacquer wood finish that passes all KCMA
performance standards.

Key Features:
12-Month Shelf-Stable Precatalyzed Formula - Ready to use with no mixing and with
durability of a catalyzed finish.


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