Lenmar QuickStain Dye Stains & Concentrates (Available for Store Pickup Only)




Available for store pickup ONLY

Lenmar QuickStain Dye Stains & Concentrates are uniquely designed for professionals in the furniture and the cabinet industry and are formulated strictly for use in shop applications only.
Lenmar QuickStain Dye Stains & Concentrates can be used with or without dilution. These stains are designed for spray application only, and if properly applied is a safe method for achieving dark colors without risking poor adhesion. Theses stains can be adjusted for color with Lenmar's QuickStain Dye Concentrates and can also be reduced with acetone or lacquer thinner to achieve less intense colors, but still add depth and brightness to a finish. These dye stains should be one step in a multi-step color finish.

Dye Concentrates are available in 6 basic colors:

  • 1U.601 Blue Concetrate
  • 1U.602 Red Concentrate
  • 1U.603 Yellow Concentrate
  • 1U.604 Orange Concentrate
  • 1U.606 Black Concentrate
  • 1U.607 Brown Concentrate
Dye Stains are available in 4 ready-to-spray stain shades:
  • 1U.608 Cordovan Dye Stain
  • 1U.609 Cherry Dye Stain
  • 1U.610 Oak Dye Stain
  • 1U.611 Walnut Dye Stain

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