Lenmar Quickstain Alkyd Wiping Stains Series (Available for Store Pickup Only)




Available for store pickup ONLY

Lenmar Quickstain Alkyd Wiping Stains have been uniquely designed for the professional woodworker. These wiping stains are suitable for use on interior wood substrates including cabinetry, furniture, trim, and any other properly prepared surfaces. Available in n17 stock colors, Quickstain Alkyd Wiping Stains are easy to use and dry to recoat in 30 minutes for most applications. A clear base is available for customized colors produced by tinting with industrial colorants or dyes. Available stock colors can be intermixed to provide a wide array of new colors:

  • 1AS.1200 Clear Base
  • 1AS.1202 Cherry Mahogany
  • 1AS.1203 New England Walnut
  • 1AS.1204 Dark Mahogany
  • 1AS.1205 Cordovan
  • 1AS.1206 Spiced Brown
  • 1AS.1207 Golden Oak
  • 1AS.1208 Fruitwood
  • 1AS.1209 Special Walnut
  • 1AS.1210 Spanish Oak
  • 1AS.1211 Salem Maple
  • 1AS.1212 Ebony
  • 1AS.1213 White
  • 1AS.1214 Mission Oak
  • 1AS.1215 Dark Cherry
  • 1AS.1216 Blackberry
  • 1AS.1217 Dark Walnut
  • 1AS.1218 Traditional Cherry

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