Lenmar Megavar White Conversion Varnish 1S.75X series (Available for Store Pickup Only)




Available for store pickup ONLY

Easy to apply and provides a moisture and chemically resistant finish with exceptional durability. Use with MegaVar 1S.750 Undercoater for a complete finishing system. MegaVar 1S.75X is available in four sheens, passes OP-5 requirements, and will surpass KCMA requirements in two coats.

MegaVar® 1S.75X series is designed for the woodworker who demands maximum
performance in a solid pigmented finish. A 2-component, fast drying VOC & HAPS
compliant varnish that offers superior protection against moisture and household

Key Advantages:
High performance professionally applied catalyzed White Pigmented wood fi nish
for cabinets, furniture, and other products made from various hardwood species and
MDF materials.

Key Features:
• Resin-Solvent Combination - Self-sealing, high clarity finish, long lasting durability,
protection against moisture and chemicals (meets KCMA standards)
• Catalyzed Varnish - Non-yellowing, fast drying
• Maximum performance in a water white clear

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