Titebond Pro-Grade White Caulk




10.1 Oz.

Titebond Pro-Grade Caulk is a multi-purpose, acrylic latex caulk for interior use. It is easy to use, tools easily, dries quickly and cleans up with water. It is paintable with a water-based paint and once cured, its seal is water resistant. It contains no plasticizers or phthalates and offers unbeatable adhesion to most common building materials.

  • IDEAL FOR: Sealing joints, repairing cracks and back-filling gaps for interior or exterior applications.
  • SEALS: Wood, metal, glass, masonry, aluminum, brick and most common building materials.
  • No plasticizers or phthalates
  • Provides a flexible, watertight seal
  • Tools easily and cleans up with water
  • No residual odor
  • De-aired for a smoother bead
  • Mildew resistant

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