Blum CLIP Top 155 Degree Zero Protusion Overlay Press-In Hinge with Plate (71T7530N)




Blum's Euro hinges come in different styles depending on overlay or inset, the desired opening angle and installation type.

CLIP top and CLIP hinges have three-point contact between the hinge and mounting plate to keep them firmly connected under heavy usage. This type of connection makes it easy to connect the door to the cabinet.


  • 155 degree opening angle
  • Three-dimensional adjustment
  • Self closing starts at 30 degrees
  • For cabinets with interior roll-outs
  • Smaller hinge cup footprint
  • Full overlay
  • Press-in installation

Blum, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of functional hardware for the kitchen cabinet and commercial casework industries specializing in lift systems, concealed hinges and drawer runner systems.

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