Blum Movento Blumotion TIP-ON Drawer Slides Kit



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MOVENTO is the latest advancement in concealed drawer runner technology. It brings together all of the features, innovations and benefits that Blum has developed since first manufacturing drawer runners in the 1960s.

TIP-ON BLUMOTION for MOVENTO, is a solution which combines the advantages of both TIP-On and BLUMOTION, for wood drawers. This combination ensures that drawers open with just a light touch, have a smooth running action, and a silent, effortless closing action.

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Kit Includes:

  1. Drawer Slide System (763.XXX0S)
  2. Left and right TIP-ON unit and trigger (T60L7540)
  3. Standard Locking Device (T51.7601.R & T51.7601.L)
  4. TIP-ON Synchronization Adapters (T60.000D)*
  5. TIP-ON Synchronization Rod (T60L1118W)*

*For drawers wider than 12-3/8"

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