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For many homeowners, there is a significant amount of satisfaction and responsibility that comes from properly organizing your home and your spaces. When it's your home and your space, you have the freedom to personalize and organize in the way you want. This allows you to optimize the ergonomics and location of everything for your specific needs, your habits, and your lifestyle. But even for the most organized and diligent among us, there are certain tools, contraptions, and mechanisms that do a great job helping us maintain efficiency, ease of access, and over just organizing the small things and the big things to make our daily lives easier. Whether it's drawers that can handle multiple levels of stuff, organizers that keep your closet stratified and easy to browse, or even just a reliable slide system for your trash can, there are a wide variety of organizing products that are designed to optimize your in-home ergonomics.
These organizers provide small but necessary personal improvements for the daily tasks, habits, and general lifestyle activities that we perform everyday. So when it comes to getting the right types of organizers for your home layout or for the renovation project you are undertaking, it can be much easier said than done to find the right products and mechanisms for your needs. That’s where IMECA Lumber and Hardware comes in. As a part of our impressive selection of products, we have a wide selection of high-quality organizers that are designed to make the homeowner’s life easier, whether it's for your desk, your kitchen, your closet, or even just your trash can location. Check out the different types of organizers we offer at IMECA below, or start shopping on our online store today!

Kitchen Organizers

A well-designed kitchen combines nice looking features with ergonomics, and understandably so. Our kitchens play a vital role in our daily life, from the food we eat and cook to where we put appliances and dishes, which means that the easier and more accessible everything is, the more efficient we can be about daily tasks. Our kitchen organizer selection has a wide variety of products to suit your needs. We have a variety of pantry pullouts and wall filler pull out organizers that effectively utilize the space in your kitchen in order to store stuff out of sight, while still giving you easy access. We also offer Lazy Susans to allow rotund access for spices or tupperware or whatever you may use them for, as well as metal organizers for dishes or miscellaneous items. Find the right selection of kitchen organizer products, at IMECA.
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Closet Organizers

For homeowners with closet space, a vital part of properly organizing that area is making the most use out of the small space you have. Whether it’s clothes that hang up on higher racks leaving additional space below, or cubbies that stratify where you put different items like underwear or socks, closet organization involves utilizing the space efficiently, and that's exactly what the closet organizers we offer aim to do. From pull out bars that keep your belts, ties, or scarfs hanging up and organized, to baskets and support rods that allow you to hang more up, there are a wide variety of closet organizer products that can improve the organization of your closet space. You can also experiment somewhat, and consider adding new clothing rods and supports in a new space in the upper area of your closet, giving you full utilization of the space. See how the closet organizer products that we offer at IMECA can support your next home renovation project.
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Cabinet Corner Organizers

Many kitchens have a space in the corner of their cabinet setup that requires a cabinet corner in order to not waste too much drawer and cabinet space. We have all seen these before; the cabinet door is folded into the corner, which means that when you open it, you get access to the deeper lying storage space directly inside the cabinet. But in order to utilize that deeper space properly without making things even harder to access, you need a proper cabinet corner organizer and hinge setup. The right hinges and cabinet corner can make storage and access a breeze. And when you combine that with a variety of other kitchen storage mechanisms, like a Lazy Susan or extendable shelves, you can get the additional storage space and effective ergonomics that your cabinet corner can provide. Find the right selection of cabinet corner organizers, at IMECA.
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Waste Bin Organizers

The trash can or waste bin is a vital part of your daily life and home activities, even if you don’t think about it very much. Even on lazy days where we don't do much, we are almost always throwing away debris, trash, food scraps, and really anything else that we don’t have any use for. But for many kitchen and home spaces, the trash cans live in a corner or under the sink. This might work for some home spaces, but for many, it is a tragic misuse of the minimal kitchen space they have. A waste bin organizer allows you to install a pull out drawer slider that keeps your trash can stored within your cabinet space and away from guests eyes and hungry pets. Keeping your waste bin space organized not only cleans up your kitchen, but gives you more space to utilize the corners or under-sink area. Find the right waste bin or trash can organizer mechanism you need, at IMECA.
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TV and Wiring Organizers

In the modern era, electronics play a massive role in our daily home lives, both ergonomically and visually. Not only are we using these electronics multiple times a day, but the TVs and wires that populate our home spaces and electronic setups have an important visual presence as well, and the more that appearance can be cleaned up and optimized, the better home living and electronic usage experience you will have. There are a wide variety of TV and wiring organizing mechanisms and products that can help you organize your media centers for greater efficiency, as well as a more streamlined visual appearance. Whether it's a high-quality TV mount, a DVD/cable box shelf bracket, or even just a simple desk organizer for the electronic wires from your computer and monitor, IMECA has the TV and wiring organizers you need for your next project.
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Organization plays a vital role in the efficiency and ease with which you can perform a wide variety of daily activities, and with the right products, you can have the best of both worlds. IMECA Lumber and Hardware is proud to offer a wide selection of organizers for a variety of spaces in your home, as well as a wide variety of other home improvement products and features. Find what you need today, and shop IMECA online now!
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