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IMECA is the leading retailer of laminates for all of your surfacing solutions. Curated specifically for contractors, you’ll love our diverse selection of commercial and residential options that clients love.

With laminate products from vetted brands we trust including Lamitech and Formica, you can deliver a stunning aesthetic fit for coastal homes in Florida and Georgia, with a longevity and durability that goes unmatched.

Deliver the best results today when you partner with IMECA for all of your commercial and residential laminate needs.

Is Laminate Right For Your Client?

  • Vast Designs
  • Perfectly Mimics A Variety Of Materials
  • Unexpected Colors
  • Steadfast Quality

As a contractor, you know all too well the budget limitations you have to work within. With laminate, you can deliver a quality product that’s functional and appealing to the commercial or residential project you’re working on. Contractors love laminate for its affordability and clients love it for its wide-reaching aesthetics. 

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Recommending Laminate

As a contractor, it’s important to fit the style and trend of materials with a client’s budget, and laminate products are an excellent way to deliver quality and performance with a unique aesthetic.

There are a variety of exclusive features and benefits that makes recommending laminate great for a vast array of residential and commercial projects.

IMECA is the perfect partner when it comes to laminate. Not only do you get a team of laminate experts to guide you towards the perfect brand and product, but we’re also here to make the experience as hassle-free as possible.

We understand that your time is valuable, so we accommodate the breadth of our assistance according to your needs. If you need to be in and out, we’ll help you get exactly what you need in no time, or if you want to spend a little more time perusing and comparing laminates, we can do that too!
Having a laminate partner for your commercial and residential projects is integral — IMECA brings ease and peace of mind to the process!

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Is It Laminate? IMECA Will Never Tell!

Laminate is widely used by contractors, yet sometimes clients need persuading. Laminate has a history of being bland or poor quality, but in today’s laminate industry, that is far from the truth. 

Sure, the early days of laminate weren’t as innovative, but today, you can find virtually any color, texture, pattern, or design that mimics some of the best materials — flawlessly! 

Make laminate products a part of your lineup with IMECA!

Competitive Pricing

Why recommend laminate to your clients? When all is said and done, laminate is one of the most affordable materials on the market, which makes staying on budget even easier as a contractor. 

IMECA has a broad range of countertop laminates that beautifully resemble wood, granite, quartzite, and soapstone without breaking the bank on new countertops! 

As a contractor, installing laminate countertops is a quick and easy process and customers love the affordable and timely upgrade!

Layered & Comprehensive Options

From textured microdot designs and surprising colors to traditional marble or butcher block, there is a laminate that is perfect for all of your client’s aesthetic needs. 

With companies such as Formica and Lamitech, you get innovative designs — whether solids, metallics, or unique finishes — that stand the test of time both in appearance and functionality. 

Amazing Durability

Are you working on a residential or commercial project that needs extremely durable materials? Laminate countertops are it! 

Laminate can withstand everyday wear and tear like a champ, so it’s fitting for a home with a large family or property with a lot of office traffic or community kitchen areas. 


Unlike many natural materials, the maintenance of laminate is effortless, thanks to its water resistance. There is no sealing or yearly maintenance, which makes it the perfect choice for clients who want a stress-free lifestyle when it comes to maintenance. 

Inspire Your Clients

Do you still have a hard time selling laminate to clients? A little inspiration can go a long way! Work with your clients and send them your project gallery and ask them what surfaces are laminates and which ones aren’t — they’ll likely never be able to tell the difference!

Having them browse through different social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest can help narrow down a look, or help you find the perfect laminate option. From whimsical patterns and bright, vibrant colors, IMECA has you covered. 

Next, come into our store and pick up a couple of samples. This way everyone can get a better feel for what it will look like on-site. In no time, you’ll have your laminate selected and installed!

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Create A Thriving Business With IMECA

It can be tough to stay competitive in the construction and home improvement industries, but when you partner with IMECA we can tackle it together! 

IMECA supplies new and innovative laminate products from name brands you trust, delivering the best in countertop surfacing that’s affordable and stylish for all of your residential and commercial spaces. 

From clients who want a chic faux-marble look to the uncommon and unexpected neo blue countertops, IMECA has it all! 

Pique your client’s interest with a stunning selection of high-quality laminates and superior workmanship. The more of a variety of materials you can offer, the more clients you reach, allowing your business to thrive — new lead after new lead!

Partner with IMECA for the leading laminate products that have a place in every residential and commercial space!


When contractors provide their clients with laminate options that are outside the scope of their typical options, it helps build a reputation for being innovative and creative. Most people, whether it’s in their personal or commercial space, love to have an option that no one else has. 

This is exactly why contractors love partnering with IMECA — we offer the best selection of trendy and uncommon laminate products that distinguish you in the industry. 


Design can’t stand on its own, you need to be able to craft spaces that also function and withstand high-traffic areas that countertops often endure. 

IMECA’s surface solutions have the longevity that contractors can depend on and a quality you or your clients won’t have to think twice about.


IMECA’s collection of laminate countertops extend far beyond just the kitchen, and are versatile and flexible in a wide range of spaces. From the laundry room to built-in shelves, laminate can go in just about any room!

Surface Your Next Project With Laminates From IMECA

From a rich chocolate oak laminate or a white ice granite laminate to a bold prism blue solid laminate, IMECA has exactly what you need for all of your residential and commercial projects. 

Cover your kitchen, bath, laundry room, built-ins, and beyond with laminate surfaces that promote longevity, versatility, and quality, and performance wherever they go! 

IMECA truly understands your needs as a contractor to provide you with amazing laminate products and experienced team members that deliver your clients exactly what they need — we’re here to meet your business objective and watch your contracting business thrive! 

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Connect with an IMECA in your area today!