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For any homeowner, the storage and ergonomics of their interior space is crucially important to the effective functioning and style of their home. We have all seen how quickly clutter can grow in our household, and how it changes the aesthetic of our home interior from the stylish, inviting, and personalized aesthetic we desire to a dirty, unkempt, and more difficult place of living. In the modern era, quality home interior design has really focused on two things that encapsulate its pursuit: design and functionality. Whether it's drawers and cabinets or stylish furniture that holds a variety of personal items, we pursue items and features in our home that not only look good, but keep everything tidy, organized, and more ergonomic for our needs. And while we might not think about it, drawers and cabinets reign supreme in that category. From plates and bowls in our kitchen to important files and documents that we store in our desks, drawers and cabinets offer a needed space of storage for the many things that populate our homes, but in a way that camouflages the storage space within the larger theme of our interior design.
Drawers and cabinets effectively contribute to the way we operate in our home, like having a set destination for plates, or a specific drawer that has a specific item; organization expedites our daily process and routines, all while contributing to the aesthetic of our interior design and personal choices. For something this important and commonly used, you need quality products that make your life easier, and your home prettier, all without breaking the bank. That's where IMECA Lumber and Hardware comes in. We have a quality online selection of drawer and cabinet accessories, from drawer slides to lift mechanisms to a variety of handle types that will satisfy your personalization needs. Shop our selection below and find the right drawer cabinet accessory for your needs!

Drawer Slides

Part of the features of a drawer that makes it so ergonomic and effective for our needs is its ability to slide in and out of a larger receptacle. Whether it's a drawer in your kitchen for your silverware, or a drawer in your desk for your pens, pencils, and other stationery, the ability to open up a drawer and find what you need, and then close it so that it is flush against the counter or wall, plays a big role in both the ergonomics and design of your home. And with the wide selection of drawer slides that we have at IMECA, like full extension drawer slides, push to open drawer slides, and soft close drawer slides, you can find the style of drawer slide that fits your needs and your routine. Find the right drawer slide you need at IMECA.
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Lift Mechanisms

Part of the factors that go into making a quality storage space within your home is how those storage spaces utilize the space around them for both ease of access and design. Lift mechanisms on cabinets are a revolutionary way to utilize your space, without sacrificing ease-of-use or quality of design. A lift mechanism allows you to open up a cabinet door vertically and leave it hanging open from above. So instead of horizontally opening a cabinet door out and potentially interfering in foot traffic or head traffic, you can utilize the rarely-used vertical space above and in front of your cabinet in order to open it. Not only does this open up space and expedite your usage of the cabinet, it also allows for a variety of modern design styles that can revolutionize your home interior. Find the right lift mechanism for your needs, at IMECA.

Knobs and Handles

When you picture a cabinet or a drawer in your mind, there's a good chance that you are imagining some form of handle or knob with it. And understandably so, as knobs and handles are the most traditional and common way to use, open, and close your drawers or cabinets. They offer a simple yet stylish place to leverage a cabinet or drawer open, and oftentimes, they provide a stark design contrast to the material of the cabinet or drawer face, and they can be as a secondary or tertiary color in order to match with other parts of your home. As traditional as they are, you can find a wide variety of styles and materials that will compliment the specific aesthetic of your home interior. Find the right cabinet knob or drawer handle for your needs, at IMECA.
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Profile Handles

A profile handle is a unique way of accessorizing your drawers or cabinets. There are a variety of ways to open modern-day cabinets, whether it's a traditional knob/handle, slow close mechanisms that can't be slammed, or even push to open mechanisms that add another layer of simplicity to your cabinet utilization. A profile handle prioritizes the sleek design of your cabinet faces without sacrificing their function, by adding a lip or an indent to the top or the side of the drawer cabinet face. This lip/indent allows you to open up the drawer cabinet with the edges of your fingers, still offering the effective usage you expect, but allowing your cabinets to look completely flush against the wall or countertop, adding an extra layer of style and ambience to your home interior. Find the right profile handle for your needs, at IMECA.
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A critical part of your cabinets that you probably rarely think about is your cabinet hinges. The hinges are the metal part that hold the cabinet door to the interior cabinet wall, and their mechanical design is instrumental in determining how your cabinets function. Their style and design is important as well, as you don't want anyone opening your cabinets and being shocked at the style choices, but they're ergonomics and functionality are more important as the hinges are often hidden by the cabinet drawer itself when not in use. We carry a variety of cabinet hinge brands, including Blum and Imex, so you can find the cabinet hinge that best suits your needs and design desires.
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As you can see, your drawers and cabinets play a vital role in your daily routine, even if you don't think about them very often. That means that all the time and energy and high-quality accessories you can improve them with can pay dividends for the interior design of your home and their functionality in your routines for the future. IMECA Lumber and Hardware is proud to offer a wide selection of drawer and cabinet accessories on our online store, as well as a wide variety of other home improvement products and features. Find what you need today, and shop IMECA online now!
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