Home interior shows a large expanse of wood flooring in the foreground and a kitchen and dining room in the background.

Investing in your home and adding value to it is always a great idea. If you are not thinking about selling, the upgrade can make you enjoy your home even more and, if you are planning to sell, it gives you the upper hand when looking for better offers from potential buyers. In today’s blog, IMECA wants to explore some of the options that we can offer which could bring value to your home. Read more or contact us if you have any questions!

Giorgia Arosa Oak

Giorgia Arosa Oak (French Collection)

Many modern designs are working with darker colors because they bring a luxurious look to the inside of your property. The Giorgia Arosa Oak is an incredible option that can turn your interior into a luxurious-looking home. This color and model can also be used to give your home a more rustic look when combined with the right furniture and cabinets.

Giorgia Classic Oak

Giorgia Classic Oak (Palermo Collection)

A natural look for hardwood floors can be like a blank canvas for the rest of your decisions when it comes to furniture, cabinets, and other decorations. The Giorgia Classic Oak floors offer a natural, light wood color and are very affordable to finally rid your home of that old carpet.

 Cherry Plywood

Cherry Plywood

One of the great things about the hardwood flooring selection at IMECA is that you’ll find something for every taste. Cherry wood can give your home a unique look and open the possibilities to create a style that fits exactly with your personality and preferences.

Plywood Sandeply

Plywood Sandeply

The sterile look of the near-white wood can be interesting due to the many combinations and possibilities. This Plywood Sandeply would be the perfect floor for a home office or a professional space inside your house. This look can give that space a better vibe to get work done!

Hardwood floors can be an amazing addition to your home whether you are remodeling or preparing to sell. Does not matter the reason behind choosing hardwood floors for your home, it is always a great idea and you can see the value almost immediately after the floors have been installed. Contact IMECA if you have any questions about our floor products, cabinets, and more and find out what we can offer! We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.