The surfaces in your home are some of the most important features to consider. Whether it’s kitchen countertops or a laminated tabletop, these open surfaces in your home get the most use, both practically and visually. So why not use a renowned laminate material that’s both extremely durable and visually stunning? Formica is an established producer of high-quality laminate surfaces and materials, including High-Pressure Laminate, for use in a variety of residential and commercial features. IMECA Lumber and Hardware is proud to stock a wide selection of these quality laminate products, perfect to improve the look, the feel, and the function of whatever surface they are used for.

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Featured Products

A Wide Selection of
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Formica Products at IMECA Lumber and Hardware

IMECA Lumber and Hardware is proud to stock a wide selection of Formica laminates and materials in all of our convenient Florida locations, as well as our online store. Formica laminates provide a durable yet visually dramatic addition to any space they adorn— aligning with the values of style and function that we uphold in every product we sell at IMECA. There is a reason that Formica products are so trusted in the laminate industry, and there is a reason that IMECA is one of the most trusted lumber and hardware providers in Florida — we take the quality of our products very seriously. View our selection of Formica products here, and see how IMECA Lumber and Hardware can provide for you. Call us today!