The furniture inside your home shouldn’t just look good — it should also function at peak levels, offering you style, convenience, and efficiency with every use. Blum is a well-known producer of high-quality hardware systems that deliver this style, convenience, and efficiency exactly where you need it. Whether it's pull-out drawer runner systems or cabinet hinges and lift systems, Blum is a trusted industry leader, designing and producing some of the best furniture hardware systems on the market. IMECA Lumber and Hardware is proud to stock a variety of their top-quality hardware products, such as hinges, drawers slides and runners, lift mechanisms, and more.

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Featured Products

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Blum Products at IMECA Lumber and Hardware

IMECA Lumber and Hardware is proud to stock a wide selection of Blum products and furniture mechanisms in our convenient Florida locations. Blum provides an emphasis on customer experience and efficient innovation with their products — aligning with the values of customer experience and support that we hold here at IMECA. There is a reason that Blum products are top-of-line in the industry, and there is a reason that IMECA is one of the most trusted lumber and hardware providers in Florida — we care about our customers. View our selection of Blum products here, and see how IMECA Lumber and Hardware can provide for you. Call us today!