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Updated Flooring for a Remodel

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When considering a remodel for your home, it is important to take all of your options into account so that you can find the flooring fit that best suits your needs. Since 2002, IMECA has been the family-owned, one-stop shop for flooring remodel options. We help our clients figure out exactly what works best to match the style and aesthetic of their home. Read below to learn more about your options when it comes to the floors in your house, and contact us today with any questions!

Tile flooring


While the actual installation of tile floors in your home can be a taxing process, the results make it worth the work. With a little bit of demolition work, some precise measurements, and a bit of elbow grease, you can have the floor of your dreams when working with tile.

hardwood flooring

Floating Hardwood

One of the more difficult aspects of remodeling the floor in your home is the demolition of the existing floors. Floating hardwood only requires a flat surface for installation, which means you’re able to place it directly on top of existing flooring like tile or vinyl.

Vinyl floor samples


Like floating hardwood, vinyl tiles and sheets don’t require demolition, as they can be placed on existing floor surfaces with ease. Vinyl has the added benefit of being fairly easy to install, so you don’t need to be an expert to update your home.



If you are going for a softer touch in your home remodel process, carpets might be the best route for you. Carpet is versatile and relatively easy to install — it can even be placed over existing floor structures if the surface is in decent condition. It comes in larger rolls, which means fewer materials to deal with, and can be fixed to floors using tacks or glue.

When you’re considering the materials for your home’s flooring during a remodel, make sure that you choose a company with two decades of experience in the industry under their belt.